Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rossi Winter 17-18

For the SR 1 Sergio Rossi 2017/18 collection I designed the monastic capes for  this highly choreographed presentation. Set in an abandoned church in the heart of Milan, the models were seen walking inside an architectural structure (which happen to be the  headquarters of famed Milanese firm  CLS Architects). Thanks to the help of sartorial craftsmanship by Lodenthal in Rome, my team and I envisioned two capes and made them  into one, keeping the double hood and hems. The result was a whimsical movement  at every model's step and added mystery and drama with the exaggerated hoods. As a reference to the this year's SR1 shoe-collection,  I had rings made as brass-knuckles for the models, shaped with the same metal flowers that decorate the shoes.

Sergio Rossi FW17

Sergio Rossi, the renowned footwear brand from Italy, hired me to design  costumes for their presentation during Fahion Week in Milan.

The set, designed by Patrick Kinmonth and Antonio Moffreda, was a metallic corridor,  from which 24 models walking in a loop in a barely lit environment were seen only from the waist down, wearing the designs of the FW 2017 collection.. The challenge was to create wardrobe that would  give an effect without over-staging the shoes. I designed a skirt made of LED fabric, which glows in the dark, like  stardust barely visible but of great visual impact.